This is a little song God gave me about Jesus and how He stooped down to become one of us……because of love.

thoughts on the words……….

“God so loved the world…..that He became a Man…….that He was born a Baby”

Amazing that God would love those who hate, steal, lie, and all the above. Knowing He is our only answer and we are lost without Him…….He not only shared in our like nature……but went through the whole process we do…….being born. Coming out of the birth canal ……slimy and totally dependent on his parents for everything! The very ones He thought of and imagined to create. He lived before mary and joseph ever did.

“But who will come to worship Him…..who will come to honor this great King……who left His throne in heaven”

Who was there among the great to worship the One who made the heavens and the earth and all that exists?

Not many were informed…..and those who were:

  1. Herod the king who wanted to kill this innocent Child
  2. Foreigners…..the wise men of the East
  3. Some poor shepherds
  4. Angels

This almost brings me to tears sometimes because He is worthy of every souls devotion.

“Lay your eyes upon Him…..put His tiny hands inside of Yours…..these hands have made the universe”

Come, you who are privileged to know of His humble beginnings and approach the small feeding trough He was laid in. See….its Your creator. Not only Yours, but the moon, stars, the sun…..all the planets. The ocean, mountains….you fill in the blanks. Let your heart marvel at this great mystery. You seem bigger than He is. Put these baby hands in your skilled seasoned hands and all you have accomplished with them……yet remember…it was with these small hands He made the universe.

“God has heard our cry……this Child was born to die”

Don’t lose hope. God has heard your cry for salvation….for healing and delievrance and justice! Rejoice that He truly cares to save us and not leave us on this floating rock called earth without a savior……yet at a cost.

This innocent baby was born to take your place of pain and punishment…..not only yours but your enemies. My heart thinks of this with such bitter sweet moves in my heart. “Oh thank you God for coming to save me…..but you Child will die instead of me? What wrong have you done?”

The answer: Nothing wrong.

“Hear the Angel voices….oh night divine…..the night when Christ was born”

This obviously comes from the amazing song “Holy Night”……which to me is a full fledged worship song! Without fail always bringing tears to my eyes……” What an amazing story, the Savior of the world, born. What a holy night indeed.”

“Bring to Him your gold…..bring to Him your frankincense and myrrh……bring to Him your treasure”

Go ahead and come to your Creator who came down to you in love. Bring to Him your accomplishments and lay them down at His feet…..your frankincense which are your prayers……and your myrrh……all your sorrows……..bring to Him all that is in your heart. He is worth it!!

“Lay your burdens down…..Cast your cares upon this Holy Child…..This King left all to care for you”

What more could this amazing King do to show you His great love…..but to leave the perfect place where there is no suffering or sin, leave His throne and become a Child, to become as a Lamb to take the blame and brunt for our wrongs. He cares enough to come and get beneath you… lift you up out of the sinking mess. I feel almost a dare saying” I dare you to take this path of humility and love…..can you serve like this King?”

“Angels come to worship Him……His Angels come to bow……and to bow low…..before the King of Heaven”

These great beings…..of which we know little about….of which one in might could wipe out an army (Isaiah 37:36) come to declare praises and bow not a little before their Creator who became a little lower than they for the suffering of death…..for us.

“These hands have made the universe……and one day they will bear the curse”

He lived His life under the shadow of the cross…..this little Baby, innocent and pure would 33 years later bear the sin of the whole world, its guilt and punishment……and completely dissolve it, bury it……and raise to life along with those who choose to trust only in Him and not in any other.


Is Jesus a mere story to you, or does the reality of how He left heaven to come into this broken world….for you….move you to tears?

Ask God the Father to reveal this great love of His to you…..ask Him to show you how real this event was and what was going on in His heart toward you for Him to even do this!